Nvidia A100 GPU

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The Nvidia A100 GPU graphics card provides 20X higher performance over the prior generation graphics card and can be partitioned into seven GPU instances. This will allow the graphics to dynamically adjust to shifting demands required. The Nvidia A100 graphics card provides Enterprise-Ready Software for AI. Along with AI, this graphics card is the most powerful HPC data center platform. It provides up to 249X higher AI inference performance, plus the NVIDIA A100 introduces double precision Tensor Cores which deliver the biggest leap in HPC performance since the introduction of GPU Graphics cards. We integrate the Nvidia A100 into our portable chassis lunchbox computers utilizing motherboards such as asus x299, supermicro C9Z390-PGW-O, or the gigabyte x299x.

nvidia a100

Commander-AT1 - Small Portable Server


Recent Portable Computer Build

We recently put together a portable computer build utilizing the Nvidia A100 GPU inside our Commander-AT1 small portable server chassis to provide unparalleled performance on the go. Contact us at the phone number below to have this card installed in a desktop, rackmount or portable system fully configured to your specifications.

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